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Huck Norris MegaNorris Toast

Huck Norris MegaNorris Toast

Huck Norris MegaNorris Toast
Huck Norris MegaNorris Toast

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55mm / 2.16″
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60mm / 2.36″
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Product description
Toast is the lightest one of the three MegaNorris™ models, meant to be used in XC or light trail riding. The structure consists of a thick layer of soft compound.

Installation of MegaNorris™ is as simple as any tubeless setup, just slip the insert in before installing the second bead on the rim.

The great thing about any Huck Norris insert is that you are able to ride safely with an optimal tire pressure. Not too hard or not too low. MegaNorris™ insert sits on top of the rim, supporting the tire significantly. With MegaNorris™ insert, you can for example run with 1.5bar tire pressure. Experiment with your wheel, insert and tire setup to find the best setup for you, your bike and your style of riding.

55mm wide models are for rims that have an internal width of 28-34mm (1.1-1.34 inch).
60mm wide models are for rims that have an internal width of 33-40mm (1.34-1.57 inch).

Weight when measured at full 29″ length: 141 grams @ 60mm / 125 grams @ 55mm width.

Impacts and forces are different for front and rear tyre. Here are some common mixes of MegaNorris™ models based on the use case.

XC style riding

Trails with some roots and rocks but without drops or big rock gardens.

Suggestion: Toast in the back wheel, nothing in the front wheel.

Singletrack (trail)

Trails including more harsh features than XC trails, putting more pressure and heavier impacts on both tires.

Suggestion: Toast in both wheels.

Enduro, light

Some drops, high-speed bumps, lots of roots and big rock gardens.

Suggestion: Sandwich in the rear wheel, toast in the front wheel.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 300 x 250 x 70 mm.

0,15 kg(The product may have a light retail packaging.)

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