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AquaLung AquaFlex 5mm Womens

AquaLung AquaFlex 5mm Womens

AquaLung AquaFlex 5mm Womens
AquaLung AquaFlex 5mm Womens
AquaLung AquaFlex 5mm Womens
AquaLung AquaFlex 5mm Womens

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AquaLung AquaFlex 5mm Womens Black / Grey
Black / Grey


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Product description

Not too hot, not too cold, the 5mm AquaFlex wetsuit provides comfort in a wide range of ocean temperatures. The name AquaFlex has become synonymous the world over for stretch, comfort, and warmth. The 5mm AquaFlex wetsuit represents the highest quality on the market. All AquaFlex suits are made of four-way stretch neoprene, liquid rubber-sealed seams for warmth and durability and a host of other special features that make them ideal for scuba.

Four-Way Stretch
Made of four-way stretch neoprene throughout, which has 3x the stretch of standard neoprene. The result is improved range of motion, easy on/off, and a better fit for every body shape.

No Restrictive Edge Tape
Because traditional edge tape at the ankles and wrists kills the stretch on most wetsuits, we've removed it. But instead of leaving the edge raw, we've fused it with our unique X-Tend cuff finish that preserves the stretch and has a polished look that is also extremely durable.

Sculpted Silhouette
Sleeves and legs are cut to mirror a gentle, natural flexion in the elbows and knees. This reduces bunching material at the joints, helping you move more effortlessly and comfortably.

Powertex Kneepads
How can AquaLung provide durable abrasion resistance without sacrificing stretch? Aqualung's Powertex kneepad material is tough, yet highly flexible.

Dive Computer-Friendly
The left sleeve is outfitted with a silicone traction pad to keep your dive computer from rotating once the neoprene compresses under water.

Non-Snag Material
The tight weave of the outer nylon material is resistant to abrasions and Velcro snags. Looking good may not be on your dive checklist, but it doesn't hurt
  • Back-zip
  • AquaFlex 4 way superstretch
  • YKK #10 zipper
  • X-Tend cuff technology on wrists and ankles
  • Supratex kneepads
  • Comfortable skin-in neck seal
  • Glued and blind-stitched, liquid rubber seams
  • Prebent legs and arms
  • 3-way zipper seal
  • Spine pad and kidney pad
  • Non-petroleum-based

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 700 x 400 x 200 mm.


5 mm

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