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Orca Athlex Float Triathlon Wetsuit

Orca Athlex Float Triathlon Wetsuit

Orca Athlex Float Triathlon Wetsuit
Orca Athlex Float Triathlon Wetsuit
Orca Athlex Float Triathlon Wetsuit
Orca Athlex Float Triathlon Wetsuit
Orca Athlex Float Triathlon Wetsuit
Orca Athlex Float Triathlon Wetsuit

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Orca Athlex Float Triathlon Wetsuit Red Buoyancy
Red Buoyancy

Men 5 (162-172 cm / 61-66 kg)
Men 6 (167-175 cm / 67-74 kg)
Men MT (177-190 cm / 68-76 kg)
Men 7 (173-185 cm / 75-82 kg)
Men 8 (180-188 cm / 82-89 kg)
Men 9 (185-193 cm / 89-97 kg)
Men 10 (190-196 cm / 98-109 kg)
Men 11 (193-200 cm / 107+ kg)
Women XS (144-160 cm / 46-53 kg)
Women S (157-167 cm / 54-61 kg)
Women M (165-177 cm / 60-67 kg)
Women L (170-185 cm / 66-74 kg)
Womens XL (177-189 cm / 73-79 kg)

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Product description

The Athlex Float is a new (r)evolution of the Orca S7.

The Athlex Float triathlon wetsuit combines high buoyancy with high elasticity, resulting in a very balanced wetsuit for swimmers who need added buoyancy to correct their positioning in the water. Thinner upper body and thick leg materials allow swimmers to tackle triathlons with confidence.

The distribution of materials of different thickness in the Athlex Float, such as the 4.5 mm neoprene in the legs, enhances its buoyancy. This will allow you to maintain a horizontal and elevated position in the water for longer, so that your swimming technique is not affected and you can perform at your best in your triathlon competition.

The materials in the shoulder, arm, and back areas give this wetsuit a high level of elasticity in the upper body. This will allow you to swim without restriction, performing each swim stroke with total freedom.

You can improve your speed and hydrodynamics while training and in competitions, thanks to the SCS technology used to treat the materials in this wetsuit.

Care instructions for longer durability

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 350 x 150 mm.

Men, women

1 kg(The product may have a light retail packaging.)

12 month(s)

Paul L. verified buyer, 15.10.2022
Overall rating
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Comfortable, fits well, neoprene is nice soft and flexible. On the other hand, sensitive to small tears.
Elina S. verified buyer, 6.8.2022
Overall rating
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With the experience of two open water swims, I would say that the suit is very pleasant to wear, it is flexible. The neckline is not heavy, the suit floats a bit. It's easy to put on, the fabric glides quite well on dry skin. The sticker on the back often sticks to the inside of the suit and quickly begins to pill it. It came with a protective piece, but it probably disappeared on the first swimming trip. I was between two sizes, I took the smaller one. At least it's snappy enough when swimming. The sleeves are quite long. On me, they reach well up to my wrist, keeping them very warm, but with a sports watch I had to fold/roll the other sleeve a little out of the way.
Samu Y. verified buyer, 2.8.2022
Overall rating
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Very good, 179cm 93kg didn't need to shorten the sleeves
Nico V. verified buyer, 29.7.2022
Overall rating
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Very high-quality wetsuit for open water swimming. It's definitely worth going to the site for a fitting, so you can find out the right size. I am 196 cm / 85 kg and size MT.
Anonymous verified buyer, 22.7.2022
Overall rating
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Floats well!
Anonymous verified buyer, 8.7.2022
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Works as it should, high quality. my collar was a little tight, but the body glide helped with that.
Anonymous verified buyer, 12.6.2022
Overall rating
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A good quality wetsuit that supports the correct swimming position and floats from the hips. Suitable for swimmers from beginners to more advanced swimmers.
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