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RAB Solar Eco 3 Wide

RAB Solar Eco 3 Wide

RAB Solar Eco 3 Wide
RAB Solar Eco 3 Wide
RAB Solar Eco 3 Wide
RAB Solar Eco 3 Wide

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RAB Solar Eco 3 Wide Oxblood Red
Oxblood Red

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Product description

Comfort: 0°C (32°F)
Limit: -6°C (21°F)
Extreme: -24°C (-11°F)

High performance, lower impact. The Solar Eco bags are built with recycled fabrics and recycled Stratus™ insulation. Ideal for the mountain bothy goer, the globetrotting backpacker, and trekking in cool conditions, with a wide mummy shape for a comfortable night's sleep.

Rab has taken everything they know about lower impact design and applied it to what Rab does best. These resilient synthetic bags are filled with 100% recycled Stratus™ insulation, and lined and covered with a tough, 20D, recycled Atmos™ fabric with ripstop. Hardwearing, warm, and dependable, they are fast drying and cope with condensation or damp conditions.

The Solar Eco 3 is insulated with a double layer of Stratus™ insulation arranged in a concertina structure to trap warm air. The elastic internal quilting brings the lining and insulation closer to the user, helping to reduce pockets of cold air. The localised quilting simply means that the stitching which holds the insulation in place has been minimised to reduce the chance of cold spots. Perfect for three season climbing trips, mountain bivis, and backpacking adventures.

The Solar Eco has an adjustable hood which can be cinched in snug around the face to shut out the chill and an adjustable neck baffle to stop the heat escaping. The ¾ length zip has an additional baffle along its length that acts as an effective draught excluder with an anti-snag zip guard. The wide mummy fit offers space to find your most comfortable sleeping position, with room for extra layers should night-time temperatures plummet.

  • Dual layer concertina blanket construction on upper for improved loft and warmth
  • Offset localised quilting to reduce cold transmision
  • Adjustable hood closure system with elasticated drawcord and cordlock adjuster
  • Close fitting adjustable neck baffle design for improved warmth retension
  • YKK 3/4 length main zip with synthetic insulated zip baffle to trap warmth
  • Anti snag internal zip guard
  • Compression stuffsack included
  • Mummy shape
Weight: (W Reg) 1335g/47.1oz, (W XL) 1400g/49.4oz
Internal Shoulder Circumference:
(W XL) 172cm/67.7 inch, (W Reg) 170cm/66.9 inch
Packed Size: (W XL) 40X22cm/15.7x8.6 inch, (W Reg) 40X22cm/15.7x8.6 inch

Material: 100% recycled polyester
20D Atmos™ recycled polyester ripstop fabric (41gsm) with fluorocarbon free DWR
Lining: 20D Atmos™ recycled polyester ripstop fabric (38gsm) with fluorocarbon free DWR
Upper: 140gsm Recycled Stratus Synthetic Sheet Insulation in a dual layer construction
Base: 100gsm Recycled Stratus Synthetic Sheet Insulation in a dual layer construction

RAB size guide

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 420 x 240 x 240 mm.

0 °C

-24 °C

Fiber or Foam

-6 °C

1,335 kg
(with sales package 1,6 kg)

Country of origin
United Kingdom

Anonymous verified buyer, 27.8.2023
Overall rating
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Good and very spacious. Light and fits into a relatively small space. verified buyer, 6.8.2023
Overall rating
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A warm sleeping bag. Good buy!

janne k. verified buyer, 11.7.2023
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There's no need for a little shoulder-to-shoulder.
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