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RAB Solar Ultra 3

RAB Solar Ultra 3

RAB Solar Ultra 3
RAB Solar Ultra 3
RAB Solar Ultra 3
RAB Solar Ultra 3

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RAB Solar Ultra 3 Granite

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Location Store (Helsinki): Trekking, 9, warehouse

Product description

Comfort: 0°C (32°F)
Limit: -6°C (20°F)
Extreme: -23°C (-10°F)

Jam-packed with tech and built with recycled materials, the Rab Solar Ultra embodies our drive to create more sustainable gear at the pinnacle of performance. Fast drying, lightweight and robust with heat reflecting TILT technology, the Solar Ultra 3 offers excellent warmth for its weight. Its narrow, tapered mummy shape further reduces bulk and weight, ideal for fast and light adventures in cold, winter conditions.

Featuring a triple layer of 100% recycled Stratus™ Eco insulation arranged in a concertina shape, the Solar Ultra mimics the performance of down in a lightweight, featherless package. Reducing radiant heat loss by up to 15%, our built-in TILT technology substantially improves thermal insulation without compromising pack size, breathability, or weight. The elastic internal quilting brings the lining and insulation closer to the user, helping to reduce pockets of cold air. The localised quilting simply means that the stitching which holds the insulation in place has been minimised to reduce the chance of cold spots.

It has a ¾ length main zip with a baffle along its length to prevent heat from escaping and an adjustable neck baffle to cinch in snug and keep the heat in. Completed with a tough, 20D, recycled polyester Atmos™ outer, the Solar Ultra is the definitive synthetic sleeping bag for alpine use or lightweight bike and backpacking missions.

  • 20D Atmos™ recycled nylon ripstop fabric (38gsm) with fluorocarbon free DWR
  • Internal TILT Scrim Technology on upper for reduces radiant heat loss
  • Triple layer concertina blanket construction on upper for improved loft and warmth
  • Elasticated internal quilting to draw insulation towards user and eliminate cold spots
  • Offset localised quilting to reduce cold transmision
  • Reduced volume hood for better heat retention
  • Close fitting adjustable neck baffle design for decreased heat loss
  • YKK 3/4 length main zip with synthetic insulated zip baffle to trap warmth
  • YKK Anti-snag zip insert and anti snag internal zip guard
  • Compression stuffsack included
  • Tapered Mummy Shape
Weight: (Reg) 1360g/47.9oz, (XL) 1470g/51.9oz
Shoulder Circumference: (Reg) 142cm/55.9 inch, (XL) 144cm/56.7 inch
Packed Size: (Reg) 45X24cm/17.7x9.4 inch, (XL) 45X24cm/17.7x9.4 inch,

Material: 100% recycled polyester
Lining: 20D Atmos™ recycled polyester ripstop fabric (41gsm) with fluorocarbon free DWR
Skrim: 100% polyester scrim with aluminium coating (15gsm)
Upper: Recycled Stratus Synthetic Sheet Insulation in a triple layer construction (100% Recycled Polyester 180gsm/180gsm/60gsm)
Base: Recycled Stratus Synthetic Sheet Insulation in a dual layer blanket construction (100% Recycled Polyester 100gsm/100gsm)

RAB size guide

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 470 x 260 x 260 mm.

0 °C

-23 °C

Fiber or Foam

-6 °C

1,36 kg
(with sales package 1,6 kg)

Country of origin
United Kingdom

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