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Nature Climbing Stoak Board

Nature Climbing Stoak Board



Nature Climbing Stoak Board Granite
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Nature Climbing Stoak Board Red Sandstone
Red Sandstone
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Nature Climbing Stoak Board White Sandstone
White Sandstone
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Product description

Nature Climbings revolutionary hangboard, the STOAK board, is the worlds first climbing hangboard which combines real STONE and solid OAK. Based on a rounded and sloped stone rail design combined with rounded wide wooden solid oak pockets and solid walnut wood inlays it includes everything you need to train efficiently at home. The stone will gently work your skin and hanging on solid oak is something you will never go back from. The friction and tension required is perfect.

Like everything else Nature Climbing , STOAK board is made of solid materials and quality craftsmanship. People at Nature Climbing truly care about the details of every single product we ship.

… and then it is pretty enough to have in your living room.

Designed, shaped and produced in Nature Climbings own workshop in Aarhus, Denmark and made from the highest quality of FSC certified solid oak and European stone.  All materials are sourced as sustainable and local as possible.

The STOAK board climbing hangboard redefines the possibilities seen in a hangboard. Keep your fingers and skin conditioned and your contact strength in top while simply training at home or while you are getting ready for your next outdoor project.

The STOAK board climbing hangboard is based on a wide edge layout with the option of using pure walnut inlays to adjust pocket depth. This ensures a desired grip depth and sufficient grip spacing for each edge size while making it possible to train using the fingers you want.

Whether you do your hangs on pure granite, rose sandstone, white sandstone og or on the wide edge pure OAK pockets it will work your contact strength.

All the edges of both wood and stone are rounded to perfection to ensure maximum comfort. The next natural evolution in climbing hangboards – combining unmatched comfort, design and possibilities. Granite will have most friction and toughen your skin the most for climbing, white and rose sandstone will require more tension and will still work your skin. All will be suitable to hang and train on in adequate conditions by any intermediate, advanced og pro climber using a bit of e.g. our natural RAW chalk. When making the choice of which stone type you want, have in mind what stone you would normally climb on and what you want to work on.

Granite – Most Friction (Scandinavian Crusher)

White Sandstone – Mid-range Friction (Fontainebleau Specialist)

Rose Sandstone – Least Friction (Dedicated Climber)

Climbing Hangboard – Stoak Board  – Holds & Profile:
  • 25 mm x2
  • 15 mm x2
  • 25 mm 30 degrees sloped stone rail (granite, rose sandstone or white sandstone)
  • 4 x 5mm solid walnut wood inlays which enables 20mm x2, 10mm x2 or 5mm x2
  • 4 x stainless steel screws with torx drive for mounting in wood (make sure to use properly dimensioned and strong
Dimensions: 50 cm x 2,5 cm x 15 cm

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 520 x 170 x 50 mm.

2.5 kg (with sales package 2.70 kg)

Country of origin

kari s. 9.12.2021
Overall rating
Excellent minimalist fingerboard. All the necessary extracts can be found for your own practice. A big plus for the granite moldings.
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