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YY Vertical Penta

YY Vertical Penta

YY Vertical Penta
YY Vertical Penta
YY Vertical Penta
YY Vertical Penta
YY Vertical Penta
YY Vertical Penta
YY Vertical Penta
YY Vertical Penta

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Product description
Sold in pairs, the PENTA, made of" glued laminated "birch and poplar, are distinguished by their great lightness: 220g / unit.

The PENTA allow a complete and progressive training according to climber's level.
Their unique design offers 7 possibilities of grips (30mm, 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 10mm, mono, duo) + handle and a very great ease of use with its 360 ° system: Turn to change grips!

Designed for warming up and training in suspension and pulling exercises to strengthen the passive and active structures of the fingers, arms and back. They can also be used as unstable supports for doing push-ups. Their soft surface also guarantees a grip that will convince climbers.

Weight : 220g / unit
Dimensions :
19cm x 19.5cm x 3cm

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 200 x 50 mm.

0,44 kg
(with sales package 0,68 kg)

Massimo G. verified buyer, 8.11.2023
Overall rating
Good and portable training sistem, top customer service from Varuste!
Anonymous verified buyer, 5.7.2023
Overall rating
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Great product, even though the shipment took 3 weeks to arrive.
Karel T. verified buyer, 6.6.2023
Overall rating
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Works perfectly on the balcony as a fretboard and chin pull point!
Anonymous verified buyer, 10.5.2023
Overall rating
great way to have a fingerboard without the nedd of a wall installation. Hook them on any pullup bar and you are ready to go. Highly recommended. NOTE: you will need a double fisherman's knot to make the rope in the form of a loop.
Kaisa S. verified buyer, 19.11.2022
Overall rating
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Handy on a trip
Inka S. verified buyer, 10.9.2021
Overall rating
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Absolutely insanely good training equipment combined with polo trees. We couldn’t install the fingerboard, so these perfectly replace the gap left by the fingerboard in training!
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YY Vertical | Penta | Ultra light climbing hang holds for Rock Climbing

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