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This gift card is sent by e-mail. The number and the password of the card are provided in the e-mail and you'll need them when shopping. You can pay with the gift card in our physical store or in the online store. You can freely decide the amount, and the card has no expiration date.

If the price of your order is smaller than the value of the gift card, you can use the rest of the card with your next order.

You can have the gift card in PDF format if you login to our web site with the username and password sent to you by your first order. Logged in, you can also see the balance of your gift cards. If you forget your username or passwords, we will send them to you by e-mail on request. You can print the gift card on A4 paper and then fold or cut on the dotted line.

The gift card cannot be remeeded for cash.

The gift card has no due date.

You can pay this product only by the methods below:
- Credit card
- Prepayment invoice / wire transfer

Marko S. 11.5.2022
Overall rating
Easy to use!
Anonymous 8.3.2022
Overall rating
Works properly.
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