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Flysurfer Mojo 3.5

Flysurfer Mojo 3.5

Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5



Flysurfer Mojo 3.5 Bright Edition / Amber-Petrol-Olive
Bright Edition / Amber-Petrol-Olive
Delivery time approximately 120 - 180 day(s)
Flysurfer Mojo 3.5 Dark Edition / Ocean-Petrol-Black
Dark Edition / Ocean-Petrol-Black
Delivery time approximately 120 - 180 day(s)

Approximately 120 - 180 day(s) from the order. The reliability of the estimation is good.

Detailed availability
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Product description
The MOJO turns your free time into pure enjoyment! The highly efficient surf wing has one mission: to maximize your water time! It reacts to your movements in a powerful, balanced and energy-saving manner. With this surf wing you will ride every wave and achieve your training goals. Trust our detailed workmanship of the highest quality and shred every day until you have found your MOJO!

The urge for freedom has motivated us at FLYSURFER to launch the MOJO project. The childhood dream of surfing and our passion for wind-powered water sports flow directly into the product development of our surf wing. The requirement: first in, last out.The MOJO is a highly efficient wing that is optimized to maximize your water time. You can expect easy control, great performance, and the finest balance in the hover state. The MOJO brings you into the line-up as quickly as possible and gets you down the line with ease. Due to its outline, it constantly generates propulsion and relieves the pressure on your body. To get you home safely during long sessions or when the wind is increasing, you can save energy with the Extra Handles. The MOJO’s tubes, inflated separately, give the wing its high rigidity. You will control every gust with ease and use it directly for massive air.

We are really convinced that we have built the most versatile surf wing that will delight everyone from the youngest to the most skilled surfer. Go out, have fun, and find your MOJO!

Scope of delivery:
  • MOJO Surfwing
  • MOJO Waist Strap
  • MOJO Leash
  • MOJO Arm Strap
  • Wing Safety Guide
  • Repair Kit

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 400 x 300 x 150 mm.

Kite Only / Complete
Complete, Kite Only

Kite size (m²)

2.3 kg (with sales package 4.00 kg)

12 month(s)


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