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AquaLung HydroFlex 3 mm Shorty Womens

AquaLung HydroFlex 3 mm Shorty Womens

AquaLung HydroFlex 3 mm Shorty Womens
AquaLung HydroFlex 3 mm Shorty Womens
AquaLung HydroFlex 3 mm Shorty Womens
AquaLung HydroFlex 3 mm Shorty Womens

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AquaLung HydroFlex 3 mm Shorty Womens Black / Blue Camo
Black / Blue Camo


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Product description

When a little extra warmth is all you need, stay comfortable and protected with the HydroFlex 2mm Shorty. This wetsuit is ideal for scuba or snorkeling. The coral-reef inspired colors and stylish graphics are the perfect compliment to the rest of your Aqua Lung products.
  • The inner material is ultra-soft, making it easier to put on and take off the suit. A V-shaped collar and flat-lock stitching provide extra comfort
  • A zipper loop feature helps make getting in and out of the wetsuit alot easier on a rocking boat
  • Seams are sealed with liquid rubber to keep warmth in and water out. It also protects them from unraveling
  • Reinforced chest panel provides extra resistance from wind and abrasions
  • With an eye toward better environmental health, this neoprene is made of non-petroleum-based material
    A portion of all sales of Hydroflex wetsuits will be donated to AquaLungs conservation partner, Coral Guardian, and their coral restoration and awareness programs.
Thickness: 3mm
Neoprene: Super-Stretch (2mm)
Zipper: Heavy Duty #10
Seams: Flatlock 

Whats in the Box:

  • Hydroflex 3mm Wetsuit
  • Biodegradable bag
  • Hang Tag

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 600 x 400 x 200 mm.


3 mm

1 kg(Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

12 month(s)

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