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One Way Storm 5 Mag

One Way Storm 5 Mag

One Way Storm 5 Mag
One Way Storm 5 Mag

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Product description
The Storm 5 Mag is a lightweight pole with proven performance and a 50% carbon shaft for active skiers. Its special feature is the Mag Point Strap and Grip 2.0. This unique magnetic quick release grip system provides an easy-action button for quickly securing and releasing the pole without removing the strap. The Flash Premio Basket provides the needed support in all types of snow conditions to enjoy your next tour on the tracks.
  • Shaft made of a combination of carbon and glass fibre laminates.
  • Directional high performance carbide tip.
  • Race baskets in different sizes with longer shaft for increased stiffness and with carbide tip.
  • Patented strap/grip click system. Grip with 360° cork shield. Fixed orientation of the loop.
  • Click lock strap with adjustable volume. Fixed orientation of the strap.
  • Particularly high-quality shaft surface with a unique feel and especially high-contrast colours.
Shaft diam: 16.9 mm
Shaft material: Carbon 50%
Swing weight: 160 kgm²
Balance point:  691 mm
Breaking load: 830 N
Stiffness: 75 mm
Weight per meter: 87 g

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 1750 x 100 x 100 mm.

Carbon shaft

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(with sales package 0,4 kg)

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Anonymous verified buyer, 17.3.2023
Overall rating
Hinta-laatusuhde on mielestäni hyvä ja saman sarjan sauvat löytyy molemmille hiihtotavoille.
Janne T. verified buyer, 14.1.2023
Overall rating
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Suitable light poles 👌
Graham T. verified buyer, 23.11.2022
Overall rating
incredible value: light, stiff and great functionality for the price. I'd highly recommend these poles.
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One Way - Storm 5 Mag

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