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Cressi Cherokee Fast 100

Cressi Cherokee Fast 100

Cressi Cherokee Fast 100
Cressi Cherokee Fast 100
Cressi Cherokee Fast 100
Cressi Cherokee Fast 100
Cressi Cherokee Fast 100
Cressi Cherokee Fast 100

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Product description
Anticorodal black frame with integrated spear guide, grip made of engineering plastic reinforced with glass fibre, high or low soft sternal support. Ultra-light triggering case with trigger, release mechanism and line ring on the side in AISI 316, machined from solid with a CNC process. The shock absorber makes silent the release of the shaft. Reversible side-safety mechanism. Reinforced reel with steel pin buckle.

Head for double elastic with magnetic spear lock: as soon as the spear is put in place, it is held by two magnets mounted in a watertight chamber. This characteristic guarantees maximum speed of reset without the disadvantages of conventional mechanical restraint systems.

The speargun is supplied with a 16 mm natural latex elastic, with Dyneema wishbone.
  • Ultra light release box and trigger
  • Lateral guide line release with automatic return
  • Interchangeable high-low sternal support
  • Shaft ø mm 6.5
  • Quick loading magnetic open muzzle
  • Circular band ø mm 16 with lined wishbone 2 mm
  • Rigged barrel ø mm 28 with shaft guide

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