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VJ Sarva Icehero Mens

VJ Sarva Icehero Mens

VJ Sarva Icehero Mens

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VJ Sarva Icehero Mens Black/Orange


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Product description

VJ Sarva IceHero is replacing the legendary Xero as the light-weight, agile running shoe with a great connected to the ground feeling. Grip is achieved with a Superior Contact outsole with 18 carbon carbide studs. The windproof and strongly water-repellent aramid fiber strengthened upper makes it comfortable even when the weather is rough.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 250 x 120 x 330 mm.




Occasional use, Training

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Timo K. verified buyer, 29.1.2024
Overall rating
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Already the second Sarva stiletto sneakers on the way, the previous ones also very good. Perhaps the downside of these new ones is that there are fewer pins.
Sami L. verified buyer, 4.1.2024
Overall rating
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Plenty of grip!! Maybe a little hard for your feet, but otherwise an excellent winter shoe!
Lauri I. verified buyer, 13.7.2023
Overall rating
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Hold, hold and hold. Goes short distances also on hard ground, but prefers to run on the side of the bench.
Anonymous verified buyer, 2.4.2023
Overall rating
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Light and comfortable shoes for icy and snowy paths. The Fitlock system guarantees an excellent fit.
Anonymous verified buyer, 31.3.2023
Overall rating
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A light studded shoe for road running. Not very sturdy, so I wouldn't use it for trail running.
Juha Y. verified buyer, 16.3.2023
Overall rating
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Icehero has now recorded 560 km of running and a different number of walks with the dog. An extremely excellent running shoe for running. However, the star was inoculated from the fact that the upper fabric of the shoe apparently did not like the hankies, etc., because now, after a little over a year of use, the upper fabric has a couple of slowly growing holes on the sides of the big toe and little toe in both shoes.
Anonymous verified buyer, 11.2.2023
Overall rating
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The first studded shoes, so you can't compare them to others. They run their business well, don't slip on slippery shoes and are good for running. Normally sneakers 44-45, of these I chose 46 and the size is good.
Anonymous verified buyer, 30.1.2023
Overall rating
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Excellent grip on ice, wider last than the VJ Devil 5 studded shoes, I think the damping is suitable, true to size. I'm satisfied.
Anonymous verified buyer, 21.12.2022
Overall rating
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They sit well on the feet and are comfortable when running. Suitable for shorter and longer jogging. The grip of the studs is excellent. They don't feel heavy on the feet, but the step is surprisingly light in stiletto sneakers. The last is moderately roomy and the material of the shoe still gives a little, so it fits the wider Finnish last quite well. I can recommend.
Anonymous verified buyer, 16.12.2022
Overall rating
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A high-quality product, the details have been thought out (e.g. placement of studs on the bottom), light and sturdy.
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