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Black Diamond 7.0 Rope Dry 60m

Black Diamond 7.0 Rope Dry 60m

Black Diamond 7.0 Rope Dry 60m



Black Diamond 7.0 Rope Dry 60m Aqua Blue
Aqua Blue
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Colour: Aqua Blue
Available in stock

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Product description
An ultralight rope built for alpine missions or demanding ice climbs, the Black Diamond 7.0 is a twin rope designed to be used in pairs. With a burly sheath that utilizes a 2X2 weave construction to withstand everyday use, the 7.0 is dry treated from the inside out and can handle any weather you throw at it. The rope's middle marker is easily identifiable for rappels and the comfortable handling knots easily and feeds smoothly through a belay device.
  • 60 Meter Length
  • Dry Performance—With a core and sheath that are dry treated, our dry treated ropes are protected against weather from the inside out
  • 2X2 Woven Sheath—Utilizing a 2X2 weave construction, our standard sheath is built to withstand everyday use
  • Durability and Handling Balance—Purpose-built to balance both durability and great handling, our ropes are not too stiff and not too soft, giving you a great feeling rope that knots easily, feeds through your belay device with ease, yet holds up to a barrage of use
  • Half/twin ropes must be used in pairs.  Do not use as a single rope
Tech Specs:

Rope Dynamic Elongation: 33% [Twin Rope]
Rope Factor Falls: 14 [Twin Rope]
Rope Half Mark: Yes
Rope Impact Force: 8.9 kN [Twin Rope]
Rope Static Elongation: 3.6% [Twin Rope]
Rope Type: Twin Rope
Rope Weight Per Meter: 34 g (1.2 oz)

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 150 x 200 mm.

2.2 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

Country of origin
Czech Republic

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