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Bushmen ZEN Hammock

Bushmen ZEN Hammock

Bushmen ZEN Hammock
Bushmen ZEN Hammock
Bushmen ZEN Hammock
Bushmen ZEN Hammock
Bushmen ZEN Hammock
Bushmen ZEN Hammock
Bushmen ZEN Hammock



Bushmen ZEN Hammock Bob
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Bushmen ZEN Hammock Obo
Bushmen ZEN Hammock Oro
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Bushmen ZEN Hammock Ror

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Product description

Lightweight tourist hammock with ultralight carabiners and assembly lines included in the set. There is probably nothing better than a ZEN Hammock to contemplate the world around from a philosophical point of view. Comfort, freedom, calm. There is probably nothing better than a hammock to take a nap after long hiking or a trip somewhere to the woods. You can stay in a hammock, contemplate the world around, and look at it from a philosophical distance.

3 m x 1,5 m – there is enough space for even a tall man (up to 2 m high). For those who are not so tall, it is perfect as well. Drop into the hammock as you want – along, on a slant, or however, you like. When packed, its volume is 1l. Zen Hammock is equipped with 2pcs of 3m ropes to hang it and 2pcs of the best ultralight carabiners. The carabiners are just 21g each and their static loading is 1,2 KN (it is about 1200 kg)

Easy setup
Easy to set up and pack back. The unique construction of the bag combines the advantage of a classical packing sack and a “bishop bag”. One of the hammock loops goes through the slot at the bottom of the bag. Due to that solution, the hammock is easy to unfold like it would be pulled out from the sleeve (or a “bishop bag”). Consequently, it is easy to pack like into traditional bag within half a minute.

Light and strong
Parachute nylon – an exceptional fabric – first of all, it is very light; second, it is very strong – loading up to 200kg. Finally, it is very flimsy. Simply 330g of pure rest… and cords.

Dry fast
Parachute nylon is the best solution for hammock construction also because of its quick-drying properties. It almost doesn’t absorb water, so you have to just brush off the water, pack the hammock, and go.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 180 x 120 x 120 mm.

0.35 kg (with sales package 0.50 kg)

Country of origin

Jyri A. 20.8.2021
Overall rating
A good hammock that packs into a small space.
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