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Bushmen Thermo-Tarp 4 x 3m

Bushmen Thermo-Tarp 4 x 3m

Bushmen Thermo-Tarp 4 x 3m
Bushmen Thermo-Tarp 4 x 3m
Bushmen Thermo-Tarp 4 x 3m
Bushmen Thermo-Tarp 4 x 3m
Bushmen Thermo-Tarp 4 x 3m



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Bushmen Thermo-Tarp 4 x 3m Olive
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Product description

Lifesaving tarp with an insulating layer. Bushmen Thermo-Tarp is strong, water-resistant lifesaving tarp with an insulating layer. Now the tarp is made of a light, water-resistant, and, very important, breathing material with a ripstop weave.

The tarp is made of an exceptionally foldable, light, water resistant, and, very important, breathing material with a ripstop weave.

Thermal insulation
The material is lined with a thermal insulating layer, securing an improved thermal comfort. The upper side is of dark olive color, easily heat absorbing and providing good camouflage.

Thanks to strengthening tapes and well placed loops, the tarp can be set up in many different ways. It secures comfort and shelter in any situation.

By using the surroundings (trees, rocks and depressions) and trekking poles, oars or simply sturdy sticks, we can create an excellent tent, well-adjusted to a given place and type of weather.

In many situations, the Thermo-tarp is far superior to the traditional tent. With its low weight (1.1 kg), the shelter provides you with far bigger space than a tent of the same weight. It can provide comfortable sleeping space even for three persons.

Under extremely bad weather conditions you can make a “storm tent” in a short while. A shelter provided is fully insulating, both from the ground and all sides. Thermal conductivity of the tarp is close to 40 times lower than that of the sand, and almost 20 times lower than that of the grass. It provides full protection from hypothermia, rainfall and the wind. BUSHMEN tarp leaves enough space to lie down or sit, waiting for the weather to change.

On warmer days, setting the shelter up with the insulating side upmost, secures pleasant shadow, protecting from overheating.

In everyday use, e.g. while vacationing with the family; the tarp can be used to create a breezy roof in front of the tent or as a felt bathroom curtain. Lied over the tent, thermal side up, the BUSHMEN Thermo –Tarp protects from overheating inside the tent. It leaves you to sleep longer on hot mornings.

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 300 x 150 x 150 mm.

Number of people
1, 2

Shelter type

1.3 kg (with sales package 1.50 kg)

Country of origin

Anonymous 24.12.2021
Overall rating
Canon good
Mikko L. 2.12.2021
Overall rating
Became a friend of the same brand 3 x 3 m gap. Durable, with adequate attachment points and ample size. Overall, it looks like a good purchase.
Justin F. 21.5.2021
Overall rating
Great tarp, size is amazing. Its like having a portable house. Quality of the tarp overall is great, packing size is amazing. You can always get it back into the bag with room to spare and extra room for some pegs and rope. Weight is also low but quality is not lost. The reflective and uv protection are bonus.
Anonymous 18.5.2021
Overall rating
One night was unused and well kept in the rain.
Anonymous 11.5.2021
Overall rating
seems good. the size allows for a lot of variation in terms of accommodation.
Anonymous 6.5.2021
Overall rating
High-quality and compact. No user experience with nature yet.
Anonymous 20.3.2021
Overall rating
Very good
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