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Hario Skerton Grinder Plus

Hario Skerton Grinder Plus

Hario Skerton Grinder Plus
Hario Skerton Grinder Plus

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Product description

Durable. Functional. Versatile. The iconic Hario Skerton Plus also known as skeleton, has become the most popular coffee grinder over the last few years. Baristas favourite coffee grinder puts you in control of the grind size. Set it to coarser grind for cold brew or to finer grind for espresso with ease.

This coffee grinder will serve you for many years to come. Grinding coffee beans yourself in the morning is enjoyable. The reliable Hario Skerton will never dissapoint as it really does tick all the boxes! So grab one today while stocks last.

If you been looking for a proper hand grinder to consistently grind coffee beans like a barista; go for the best Hario coffee grinder - Skerton.

The Hario Skerton hand coffee grinder has ceramic burrs for longevity and a precise grind. Far superior to steel grinder burrs. It also includes a silicon lid for the top chamber so the beans don't scatter around your kitchen.

Hario Skerton grinder is adjustable, very durable and looks good too. Freshly roasted ground coffee is the most important aspect of any manual brewing set-up so grind it properly with Skerton grinder from Hario.

  • 1x Manual Skerton Grinder
  • Adjustable for precise grind
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Ceramic Burr
  • High-Quality Glassware

SIZE: W172 × D93 × H231mm
CAPACITY: Coffee grounds 100g

Handle, Fixing screw, Stopper, Grind adjustment nut : Stainless steel
Hopper lid, Non-slip cover : Silicone rubber
Lid, Glip, Main body (Hopper) : Polypropylene
Glass bowl : Heatproof glass

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 200 x 140 x 100 mm.

0.6 kg (The product may have a light retail packaging.)

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