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Primus Long Spoon

Primus Long Spoon

Primus Long Spoon
Primus Long Spoon
Primus Long Spoon
Primus Long Spoon
Primus Long Spoon

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Primus Long Spoon Black
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Colour: Black

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Product description

The Long Spoon, now even longer with an added 30 millimeters to the handle. This is a versatile and lightweight spoon, constructed with glass fibre reinforced BPA free Tritan, attached to an anodized aluminum handle. Long Spoon keeps your hands away from boiling water while cooking and allows you to get everything out of your freeze-dried pouch. Available in three colors.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 60 x 290 x 35 mm.

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Harri H. verified buyer, 2.11.2023
Overall rating
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When eating baguettes, a long spoon is a must so you don't have to mess with the food. I'm only worried about the durability of the spoon because in the forest you can't always guarantee smart packing and if the spoon gets twisted, will it break.
Anonymous verified buyer, 6.9.2023
Overall rating
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With this, it is handy to eat from a deep dish, but of course the disadvantage is that it does not fit in the pot during transport. Somehow the edges of the spoon felt sharp on the sides and irritated/scratched the lips while eating.

Samuli K. verified buyer, 2.9.2022
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A very sturdy and light spoon. The angle of the spoon is quite large and it might be difficult to fit everywhere. In personal use, the spoon keeps well by clinging to the sides of food bags.
Anonymous verified buyer, 14.8.2022
Overall rating
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With this, you can get the travel food mixed up to the bottom of the bag, and in longer thermos mugs.
Petteri L. verified buyer, 28.1.2022
Overall rating
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A good spoon and long enough to feed straight from the bag where the food was originally.
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