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Grivel The North Machine Carbon

Grivel The North Machine Carbon

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Grivel The North Machine Carbon Ice + Simple Vario
Ice + Simple Vario
Delivery time approximately 21 - 60 day(s).
Grivel The North Machine Carbon Ice + Adze Vario
Ice + Adze Vario +9,00 €
Delivery time approximately 21 - 60 day(s).
Grivel The North Machine Carbon Ice + Hammer vario
Ice + Hammer vario +9,00 €
Delivery time approximately 21 - 60 day(s).

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Product description

Multi-purpose technical ice ax, suitable for the most demanding alpinists.

The North Machine is a technical ice axe designed for high-level mountaineering, north faces and ice climbing. Very versatile, it will follow the most demanding alpinist in his/her adventures. The Vario system allows the choice of various blades and various accessories, suitable for every need. Carbon composite (aluminum + carbon) haft to save weight, and G bone shape with lateral grooves to allow greater strength and rigidity with a lower thickness. It has an ergonomic handle and its shape helps protect your fingers. Widia tip

Activities: techincal mountaineering, ice climbing
Materials/construction/technologies: steel blade and accessories, aluminum shaft
Certification: CE EN 13089, type 2, UIAA 152
Recommended blades: Ice Vario, Total Ice Vario, Total Dry Vario, Katana Ice Vario
Weight: 495 g (17,5 oz)
Size: 47 cm

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 250 x 50 mm.

0,495 kg
(with sales package 0,5 kg)

12 month(s)

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Anonymous verified buyer, 27.12.2021
Overall rating
Perfect swing/whip balance and good weight which is obvious. Carbon shaft is fancy and warm but feels pretty fragile so some kind of a grip tape wrapping is needed imho. The pick slot is robust (two large size hex nuts) and the change procedure is straightforward, but the picks assortiment from the diff manufacturers is not as wide as for more popular Petzl tools, the original Grivel parts are pricey and are not very often found on-sale also.
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