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Arena Smart Cap

Arena Smart Cap

Arena Smart Cap
Arena Smart Cap
Arena Smart Cap
Arena Smart Cap
Arena Smart Cap



Arena Smart Cap Black
Arena Smart Cap Black / Turquoise
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Product description

The innovative and extremely comfortable arena Swim Cap Smart Cap Swimming is an unique swim cap for long hair. The ultra soft fabric makes it perfect for swimmers who are looking for outstanding comfort. The patented construction is easy to handle and it takes only three seconds to put it on. First of all you put the inner hairband on, which holds the hair tight. Then you place the long hair in the cap and put it on. Now the swim cap fits perfectly and the long hair lies comfortably protected under the cap. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2012 and the Design Index Adi 2012.

Outer cap and inner band: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 270 x 150 x 5 mm.

0.026 kg (with sales package 0.18 kg)

Anonymous 27.4.2022
Overall rating
A good and easy-to-use swimming cap, all the hair goes into the cap. It is annoying that the hair did not stay dry during swimming :(
Anonymous 28.10.2021
Overall rating
Very functional with thick hair.
Maareta A. 4.8.2021
Overall rating
Quite a top product for keeping long hair under control while swimming! The two-part construction allows all hair to be brought under the law. With the collar, the hair can be pulled away from the face, after which it can be easily placed under the cap. It is easy to put on a waterproof swimming cap if necessary.
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