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Mammut 7.5 Alpine Sender Dry Rope

Mammut 7.5 Alpine Sender Dry Rope

Mammut 7.5 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
Mammut 7.5 Alpine Sender Dry Rope
Mammut 7.5 Alpine Sender Dry Rope

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Mammut 7.5 Alpine Sender Dry Rope Blue-Safety Orange (Dry Standard)
Blue-Safety Orange (Dry Standard)
Mammut 7.5 Alpine Sender Dry Rope Fire-Blue (Dry Standard)
Fire-Blue (Dry Standard)

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Product description

An extremely light double rope from Mammut for ice climbing, mixed climbing, mountaineering, multi-pitch and alpine climbing. Smooth sheath made from high-quality yarns for an extremely low weight and a small diameter. Combination of easy handling and durability. The double rope is ideal for tough climbing sessions where every gram counts.
  • Center mark
  • Sender construction for ultimate light weight
  • Lasting effectiveness in repelling water and dirt according to UIAA for maximum safety in the toughest conditions
  • Achieves < 1.5% in UIAA water absorption tests
  • Optimized abrasion resistance thanks to Dry finishing
  • Ready to climb, packed to prevent tangling, no need to uncoil the rope before use
  • Double certified half and twin rope
UIAA water repellent - Lower water absorption and increased abrasion resistance improve safety. Our UIAA Dry treatment reduces water absorption to less than 1.5% of the rope weight.
Dry - Mammut Dry ropes boast lower water absorption and extra abrasion resistance for more safety. Treated ropes last longer, making them great in wet conditions.
bluesign® PRODUCT - A bluesign® PRODUCT is made with at least 90% / 30% bluesign® APPROVED materials / accessories. The designation guarantees the highest level of consumer assurance, responsible use of resources and minimum impact on humans and the environment.

Weight: 38 g/m
Diameter: 7.5 mm

Stretch on first fall: 29
Sheath proportion: 35
UIAA dry test: 1.5
Static elongation half rope: 7.8
UIAA falls (single rope 55 kg): 8 - 9
Impact force: 6.2 / 9.2

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 250 x 250 mm.

50 m, 60 m, 70 m

3 kg(Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

12 month(s)

Country of origin
Czech Republic

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