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Mammut Workhorse Keylock Quickdraw

Mammut Workhorse Keylock Quickdraw

Mammut Workhorse Keylock Quickdraw
Mammut Workhorse Keylock Quickdraw
Mammut Workhorse Keylock Quickdraw



Mammut Workhorse Keylock Quickdraw Grey-Blue (Straight Gate/Bent Gate Key Lock)
Grey-Blue (Straight Gate/Bent Gate Key Lock)

Mammut Workhorse Keylock Quickdraw 12 cm
12 cm
Mammut Workhorse Keylock Quickdraw 17 cm
17 cm

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Product description
Optimum handling for sport climbers.

The Workhorse Keylock quickdraw is setting standards in handling and performance. The ergonomically shaped carabiner sits perfectly in your hand. Its generous geometry, the ribbed grip.
  • Easy clipping thanks to compact gate and key lock nose
  • Sits perfectly in your hand thanks to an ergonomic design and large carabiner body
  • Vari-width sling offering a firm grip
  • Protector ensures the bottom carabiner is always in the correct position
  • Easy dismantling of routes thanks to key lock nose
  • Excellent weight-to-breaking load ratio thanks to the simple carabiner design
  • Suitable for intensive use thanks to polyester sling, reinforced zones in areas particularly subject to wear and sling protector
  • Protector keeps the lower carabiner in position and reduces wear on the sling
Weight [g]: 100
Height: 99 mm
Width: 59.5 mm
Vertical breaking load: 26 kN
Open breaking load: 10 kN
Horizontal breaking load: 9 kN

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 300 x 60 x 30 mm.

0.1 kg (The product may have a light retail packaging.)

12 month(s)

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