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Santi Heated Gloves 2.0

Santi Heated Gloves 2.0

Santi Heated Gloves 2.0

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Product description

The Santi heated gloves are designed as a part of the complex heating system consisting of the gloves, thermo valve/connector and an external battery canister. This configuration allows a diver to wear the gloves under the dry gloves and use them in line with a heating vest or heated undersuit, without an additional valve/bulkhead, or dangers associated with internal batteries. The heated gloves can also be used as a stand alone system using cables provided.

  • 36 W (pair)
  • Run time: 10 Ah / about 3 hours and 20 minutes of heating, 20 Ah / about 6 hours and 40 minutes of heating
  • Maximum heating temperature 45 °C
  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Keeps you warm even when the heating is off
  • Evenly distributed heating wiring that allows for freedom of movements in palms
  • Easy connection to Santi heated vest and undersuit
  • CE certified

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Benjamin S. verified buyer, 23.1.2023
Overall rating
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Used dozens of times and works.
Richard M. verified buyer, 9.1.2023
Overall rating
The gloves make long cold water dives much more tolerable. However, my right glove stopped heating after about 75 dives and just after the one year warranty expired. I ordered a second pair and hope that the gloves last longer this time.
Anonymous verified buyer, 14.12.2022
Overall rating
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A must against cold hands!
Tyler N. verified buyer, 28.9.2022
Overall rating
So far so good, fits nice, cabling is solid. Just enough heat and insulation should the heat not be working.
Anonymous verified buyer, 19.2.2022
Overall rating
Warn in the winter conditions
Patrick S. verified buyer, 30.12.2021
Overall rating
Cold diving in Canada means cold hands. Heated gloves are a game changer!!!
James G. verified buyer, 24.11.2021
Overall rating
Love these gloves! I can’t wait to pair them up with the vest which is on its way. They are even quite warm without power, and I dive in sub 40F/4.4C. I have heard that the Santi heated system can “fall apart” after years of use, so I’m just going to take really good care of them and it should be all good!
Rupert S. verified buyer, 15.10.2021
Overall rating
Working fine.
Janne L. verified buyer, 1.4.2021
Overall rating
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Functional and warm gloves, a bit thick so there should be plenty of space in the dry glove. The connector is a little uncomfortably placed and can start to press on your wrist if the suit is very tight.
Hurl H. verified buyer, 13.1.2021
Overall rating
These are great and not very bulky, keeping your hands warm and comfortable.
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