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ENO Sub6 Superlight

ENO Sub6 Superlight

ENO Sub6 Superlight
ENO Sub6 Superlight
ENO Sub6 Superlight



ENO Sub6 Superlight Charcoal
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ENO Sub6 Superlight Orange
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Product description

ENO’s lightest hammock, the ultralight Sub6™, embodies the true spirit of backcountry camping in an impressive 5.8oz body.  While light on weight, the Sub6 retains strength and security with a 300lb weight rating.  Crafted from lightweight 30D ripstop nylon, stronger-than-steel Dyneema® fiber and featuring new aluminum toggles, this featherweight Nest combines with the Helios Suspension System to offer the ease and comfort of a traditional hammock, while fitting into even the smallest of packs.  Add it to your pack and forget it! 

The Sub Series Hammocks are designed for use with the Helios Suspension System making them one of the lightest hammock set ups available.

ENO's ultralight Sub Series hammocks use toggles to minimize pack weight and seamlessly integrate with our ultralight Helios Suspension System.
ENO's toggle system can also accommodate the addition of carabiners to easily clip into our Atlas Straps.
  • ENO's Lightest Hammock
  • Aluminum Toggles Integrate with Helios™ Suspension System
  • Strong, Breathable and Fast Drying
  • Super strong Silverlite™ cord
Capacity: 136 kg
Material: 30D Ripstop Nylon
Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.2m
Packed Dimensions: 12.7 x 15.2 cm
Weight: 164 g

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 150 x 200 x 150 mm.

0.164 kg (with sales package 0.20 kg)

Country of origin
United States

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