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Fenix TK11 TAC

Fenix TK11 TAC

Fenix TK11 TAC
Fenix TK11 TAC
Fenix TK11 TAC
Fenix TK11 TAC
Fenix TK11 TAC



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The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 100 x 200 x 40 mm.

Energy source

IP Classification

Max output
1600 lumen

0.192 kg (The product may have a light retail packaging.)

Jori M. 12.2.2022
Overall rating
Hard class lamp! Helps to see even from a bright outdoor space inside into a dark one.
Simo S. 16.4.2021
Overall rating
Heats up a lot during use. Bare hands do not hold for 5min after full light.
Anonymous 13.4.2021
Overall rating
Super lamp! Sent quickly no worries!
Anonymous 30.3.2021
Overall rating
A small, very efficient spot Fikkari.
Anonymous 18.3.2021
Overall rating
A very cleverly sized and bright lamp.
Markku S. 21.1.2021
Overall rating
Good and efficient compact luminaire. A special advantage is the possibility of locking so that the lamp does not turn on accidentally and the set light output does not change.
Anonymous 19.1.2021
Overall rating
The lamp works well, but the flap of the lamp housing quickly wore out almost completely with the equipment belt (less than 1 week). Otherwise a working lamp.
JOUNI K. 12.12.2020
So far, the product has worked. Nice small size. I'm a little stranger to the operating switch on the bottom. I have used with a switch on the side lights. Light power is found, but I would miss the zoom feature to illuminate further. The wrist strap would be nice too.
Juuso E. 25.11.2020
Overall rating
A really powerful compact luminaire for seeing from afar. The light output also stays constant for a surprisingly long time. The operating switch is a significant improvement over previous Fenix models. There will be no accidentally adjusted light output or strobe. Can be found momentary and on / off, so very jees.
Anonymous 5.11.2020
Overall rating
A compact luminaire with a good amount of light output. Easily distinguishable setting selector, a sufficiently practical switch. However, the clutch occasionally tangles when handling with thicker gloves.
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