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Spypoint Link Micro S

Spypoint Link Micro S



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Including rechargeable lithium battery
Maximal focus on long transmission time in spacesaving design. This is what new Link Micro S with patented integrated solar panel and rechargeable battery offering the most efficient power solution. Additionally, it uses the LTE mobile network technology that makes Link Micro S a future proof trail camera. Camera includes rechargeable battery.

1.568 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

David K. 21.7.2022
Overall rating
Works as intended. Impressive battery life with the solar cell. Charged the camera once and put it out in September-October, brought it in in May and had 88% battery left then. If I had left it outside, it would probably be full by now. The only downside is that it costs to get over 100 images a month and in better quality.
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