Daiwa Alphas SV

Daiwa Alphas SV

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Model: 70HL
Handedness: Left

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Product description

The Alphas made its first appearance in 2004, it’s compact full metal body has been synonymous with high reliability for 15 years. Ever since its introduction it has maintained production in Japan and has continued to demonstrate the superior features that approach the ‘flagship’ status with the generous introduction of DAIWA’s state-of-the-art technology at the time.

Based on the trusted Alphas body, it is a compact high-performance reel with a superior engine. The 30mm diametre CT SV spool is the same that can be found in the STEEZ CT SV. G1 Duraluminium CT SV spool which has very low start-up inertia has realised a feel in the cast that surpasses reels of the past, covering the range of finesse applications as well as versatile performance.

A precision designed solid aluminium frame and gear side plates deliver maximum power, unrivalled durability and reliability, while the Alphas CT SV ergonomically designed profile fits beautifully in the palm of the hand for ultimate comfort and control.

Casting control has now reached a new level of ease in the Alphas CT SV with the combination of ‘Air Mode’ and Magforce Z to create the ultimate casting experience. ‘Air Mode’ brake system introduces automatic adjustment; supported by a movable induction rotor which enables use of finesse style baits without the risk of backlash. Magforce Z cast control paired with an SV spool adjusts easily to any skill level, and allows the spool to start up faster, and spin longer for easier and longer casts.

Features of new generation Alphas CT SV are prominent with winding and casting in a variety of approaches. Even if an angler who fell in love with the existing Alphas models switches to a CT SV, they will feel the advantage in their hands immediately.
  • Made in Japan
  • Magforce Air brake system
  • Machined G1 duralumin spool
  • 80mm handle
  • 30mm diametre SV spool
  • Available two gear ratios 6,3:1 and 7,2:1

Reel Type
Baitcast Reels

12 month(s)

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