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Aleksi A. 18.12.2020
Overall rating
Really good cannon. Precise ku what, and the finished Picatinny rail makes it easy to play with the target. Charging is soft and easy. Shooting feel really good and shots in a really small pile. I thought I'd adjust the tensile stiffness of the trigger, but it was just perfect when pulling from the freezer. The best value for money on the market.
Nico J. 3.1.2020
Overall rating
Anton D. 14.12.2019
Overall rating
It was worth believing the seller and taking this light rifle. Fulfilled expectations.
Janne P. 8.10.2018
Overall rating
Very high quality and good feeling.
Nickname 1966 3.1.2020
With or without a much difference? thank you
Nickname fhpa 27.11.2018
Accurate, handy to handle, lightweight, high quality, weatherproof as well as adjustable to your taste. Hard (impossible) to find an equally good value for money rifle. In particular, the 6.5 creedmoore seems to be an extremely accurate caliber for the weapon in question. Strong recommendation!