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Original Ozone Spare Bladder Set which includes leading edge and strut(s) with new transparent V2 high flow one pump valves plus all hoses, clips and clamps to change all bladders on the kite. Instructions are included in the package on how to change them.

LE = Leading Edge bladder
Struts = All strut bladders, depending on the model 1-5 strut bladders.

Only full bladder sets are available. It's not possible to order specific strut bladder or leading edge only bladders. Ozone bladders are made in Ozone factory in Vietnam. We don't usually have Ozone bladders in stock. It's just because their shelf life is limited. All Ozone bladders are made to order so that we can be sure that the TPU material and glue are stretchy and fresh.

All bladders are inflated and tested in the factory. Possible punctures or other damages during the installation process are not covered by the warranty.