Suomen Laatupuukko Oy was founded in 2004 with a goal to manufacture and market high quality knives and kitchen utensils for all purposes at competitive prices.

Together with our innovative product development - which is based on Finnish tradition - and a network of professional retailers, we have produced new kind of products, whose values have already been noticed both in Finland as well as internationally.

Our mushroom knife was selected as "the best gift product of the year 2003" by Kodin Kuvalehti magazine and the kitchen chopper was the winner of "the innovative kitchen utensil of the year 2004" award at the Arts and Crafts Fair Finland. The kitchen chopper has received much praise and attention and it has already been tipped to become the next classic of finnish craftsmanship. Our selection also includes forged kitchen and chef's knives.

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Laatupuukko Mushroom knive with sheath
Laatupuukko Mushroom knive with sheath
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