By Hunters, for Hunters

The design of the Härkila collection is a work of craftsmanship. It is a journey that starts and ends in the wild and involves experts from numerous fields. The Härkila collection is based on input from four main sources

The hunters´ community. Active hunters worldwide give their feedback on Härkilä products and comes up with ideas for new details and functionalities.

The Test Team. A group of experienced expert hunters contribute with new product ideas and systematic product tests in real life hunting situations. The Test Team represents all the major hunting traditions, and this enables them to help develop and test products for every type of hunting.

Research and Development. Our innovative R&D team design our prototypes in dialogue with The Test Team, the hunters community and our technology partner while constantly updating their knowledge tapping into the cutting edge of innovations in materials and trends.

Technology partners. Innovations from technology experts and partners like Gore, Primaloft, Polartec and Vibram is key to the design of Härkila.


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