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Warthog Sharpeners

Sharper Faster
Warthog Blade Sharpeners was started with the simple aim of creating a better knife sharpener. We wanted to give people the ability to sharpen their knives to a professional level without having to send them to an expert. We began operating in 1999 and have been manufacturing and exporting our patented high quality diamond knife sharpeners for more than 10 years.

Sharpening a blade correctly, in a way that preserves the knife for years to come is a skill that has largely remained with expert craftsmen. It is from the expert knowledge of these craftsmen that Warthog has based the design of its patented sharpeners. Most home systems use a clamping device to hold the blade to maintain a constant angle. But this is unwieldy and time consuming.

We saw there was nothing on the market that sharpened blades expertly and quickly while still being easy to use. We put our heads together and, in 2000, we designed and manufactured the first V-Sharp™ (now called the “V-Sharp Classic™”).

Success Through Quality
It was everything that you wanted in a knife sharpener; quick, accurate, versatile and performing excellently. It was extremely popular wherever it was introduced and we soon found that we could never produce enough to meet the demand; especially after we started exporting to the U.S.A.

We put our heads down again and produced the V-Sharp Xtreme Edge™, a high quality sharpener in a smaller and more affordable package. The Xtreme Edge™ is designed give you the perfect knife edge without wasting time or damaging your knife. Most “instant” sharpeners actually just damage your blades and shave metal off of the blade alongside the length of the edge. The Xtreme Edge gives professional sharpening performance by honing diagonally across the edge at a constant angle.

Smaller and portable, this sharpener is the perfect all-rounder and chefs, hunters and fishermen have all found it to be the perfect companion tool. It’s also ideal for home and general use and the Xtreme Edge has become popular over a large spectrum of the sharpening market.

The V-Sharp Classic was also recently redesigned to facilitate larger manufacturing volumes, and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Re-launched as the V-Sharp Classic II™, this sharpener, with its heavy duty metal frame and extreme functionality, has quickly become our flag ship product.