Wølmark is born of adventures, passion for hiking, and a unique material in the harsh conditions of the Andes.

It all started in the close past when work took a Finnish adventurer to Peru. In autumn 2019, he worked in the Urubamba River valley in the village of a few families, Ttio, for food and accommodation. He hiked in the steep mountains and windy passes of the Andes in his free time.

During his hikes, this Finn found the material that impressed him indelibly, alpaca wool. Centuries have shaped alpaca wool into an exceptionally advanced textile fibre, from which knitted clothing helps adventurers to survive even in the most demanding conditions.

A Finnish adventurer named Teemu returned to his home country, told his friend Petteri of his discovery, and thus a common idea was born of Wølmark, whose products would combine the special quality characteristics of alpaca wool, a value-generating supply chain, and the smallest possible carbon footprint for our precious nature.


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