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K 01

K01 was born of a passion for diving, and our brand is now synonymous with dedication to producing products of the highest calibre, research and development of the most cutting edge materials, and respect for the environment.

I remember the day it all began as if it were yesterday: my friends and I were sitting on a boat during an excursion and we were discussing scuba diving equipment. We wondered why no companies produced products which were comfortable for wearers, and specifically why they had not developed anything which considered the comfort of divers’ heads.

From there, we embarked upon our passion project: we researched something that would be functional, easy to wear and that would protect the diver. We wanted to bring a product to the industry which would not just cover the wearer’s head, but something that would be exceedingly comfortable. The functionality of our products is of utmost importance.

Many of our friends helped us along the way so many, that we are unable to name all of them here, but we remember the contribution each of them made and carry them in our hearts. Every day, when we create our handmade items, we remember all of the advice that make our products so special.

We continually strive to improve our products by being innovative and well informed about the latest developments in the diving industry. Every single detail is studied carefully and created with high standards of excellence and respect for the environment.

This is our passion and this is what we believe in.