ATN International is a subsidiary of ATN Corporation a leading manufacturer and developer of precision Night Vision optics and Thermal Imaging. In over two decades since it's founding, ATN has developed the largest selection of low light optical devices that cater to consumers, law enforcement and military clients. ATN International and ATN Corporation have consistently delivered new and innovative technologies in the field of low light optics and intelligent devices. In 2014, both companies launched several versions of the long awaited Obsidian Core setting the stage for a number of revolutionary new products including the X-Sight weapon scopes and BinoX binoculars.

The ATN Obsidian Core is the technology behind our Smart HD Optics. Based on the industry's most advanced digital image processing architecture, a variety of image sensors, intuitive user interface, and a range of environmental sensors, this cutting edge platform technology powers our Smart HD Optics line.

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