Real Turmat

Drytech AS was established in 1989 by founder Rolf Hansen and is located in Tromsø, Norway.

We are manufacturing high quality freeze dried food in portion and bulk packages

REAL Field Meal and REAL Turmat is a product line of stews made mainly of fresh Norwegian ingredients. These stews are freeze dried using a proprietary method developed by Drytech, which retains the natural taste, aroma, appearance, consistency and, last but not least, the nutritional value. We do not use any food additives in our proprietary freeze dried meals.

The REAL product line is developed in cooperation with some of our biggest military customers. All stews are developed to deliver long lasting energy and give maximum performance to the body in all kind of situations. Our philosophy is that our food shall have high and correct nutritional values and taste as home cooked. Food safety is a natural point of focus for us and we are doing everything to make our food as safe as possible. Therefore all our products are vacuum packed in strong, lasting pouches to ensure long durability without using preservatives. It's only possible to be sure that the wrapping is 100% tight by vacuum packing. If there's a leak, it's easy to spot as the pouch won't be wrapped tightly around the food. If a vacuum leak like this has happened, the food in question might be ruined.

Every pouch is quality checked by us prior to shipping.

Our line of breakfasts has a high percentage of dietary fibre(6-10%) and slow carbohydrates so that the body can get a good start in the morning. We only use healthy vegetable oils and strongly denounce the use of trans fat and palm oil. We furthermore only use natural types of starch (cornstarch, potato starch, rice starch, etc.). Gen modified products are not welcome to us. We are also following the dietary recommendations given by The Norwegian Directorate of Health.

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