Zero Point

Our name, ZEROPOINT, stands for the ideology that our work/effort starts anew each day. Not from the beginning, but from where we stand at the moment. We believe in being honest to one self, respecting the past, working for the future and seizing the moment at all times.

ZEROPOINT was founded in 2009 in Finland. From day one, from our zero point, our target has been to provide the best products for all athletes. We can achieve our target by believing in a strong brand name, a constant focus on quality, innovation, and feedback from our customers.

We have a very strong research and product development with early stage involvement with universities, high-tech companies and the professionals in the field of sport and medicine.

ZEROPOINT’s strongest tool in building brand awareness are the athletes and exercise enthusiasts who use our products. We have an impressive team of athletes representing a wide variety of disciplines, and the feedback and visibility they provide form the backbone of our brand building.

In order to go far, the base has to be solid and well-built. We have to create something unique. We believe in what we have done and what we will do in the future.

Feel it real – our goal is to provide a unique experience and help athletes reach their true potential with true compression.