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British manufacturer of impregnation and cleaning products for clothes, shoes, tents and trekking equipment.

- Manufactured its first impregnation products as early as the end of the 1930s.

- Produces still all the products in Derbyshire, UK.

- Pioneer in developing environmentally friendly water-based conditioners, most of the products are water-based.

- Their products are test winners thanks to durability and performance (Trail Magazine, 2006). For example, Granger's impregnation products restore objects' performance to their original condition.

- The only British impregnation manufacturer whose products and manufacturing processes satisfy the requirements of ISO 14001 environmental management system.

- Bluesign® symbol guarantees that products don't contain any ingredients harmful to people or nature. Meeting the Bluesign® requirements means also low CO2 emissions and energy consumption during manufacturing processes.

- The only brand in its category that meets such high environmental standards.