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Buck Expert

Once upon a time there was hunter! Let me tell you the story of a small business that has become large because there were passionate people who believed in their dreams. This is more than a company. It is a passion that burns in every member of our team and that is embodied in all the products we sell.

Buck Expert first started to manufacture products at the beginning of the 1990s. Maryo Pépin face the challenge. He put his energies to develop revolutionary products using all the knowledge he had acquired through the years while hunting in the field. His interest for hunting and wildlife observation behaviour all led to the creation of the Buck Expert Research Center. This center is home for specimens of almost as well as wildlife species one can hunt in North America. There are moose, deer, wild turkeys, elks, black bears, many predators such as wolves, waterfowls and many others.

Nowadays, Buck Expert has grown into one of the most important game attractants manufacturers. Our product line includes natural urines, scent lures, gels, baiting products, calls, video techniques on how to manufactured by our company. Many large North American companies now buy customized products manufactured by Buck Expert.

Buck Expert is the leading company in the province of Quebec (Canada). Our share of the market is rapidly growing in the USA as well as in Ontario. Buck Expert products are also sold in France, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Spain, and Australia..

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