New sport for city and nature - skiking!

This activity is meant for everyone. Even if you haven't exercised much or at all in the past, you can start skiking. It trains your heart and strengthens your circulatory system. It is good for your joints and tendons, and it affects your appearance in a positive way. You can skike easily in terrain, e.g. on unpaved paths and roads. Thanks to the skike brake system, stopping is easy and safe. With skike you can use your own running shoes or hiking boots.

First of all, skiking is really fun!

- Skiking trains your whole body. It is more gentle for ankles than walking or skating.
- Skiking is aerobic training. It helps you control your weight and strengthens your muscles and bones.
- When skiking, you are using over 90 % of your muscles without overstressing one single muscle group.

Skiking was invented by Austrian Otto Eder, the invention becoming more and more popular worldwide. The word skike is a combination from words skate and bike. Skiking can be done on mountain bike routes, both up and downhill.