Care instructions for technical fiber fillings

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Proper care of your synthetic fiber-filled sleeping bag and padded clothes helps preserve the thermal properties of your products and may significantly extend the life of the products.

Keeping them clean
Airing: When using a sleeping bag or padded clothing, air them outside regularly. This helps to remove moisture and odors and maintain their freshness.

Cleaning: Wash the sleeping bag or clothing as needed according to the instructions. Follow the washing instructions that come with the garment or sleeping bag. Most products filled with artificial fibers can be washed in the washing machine.

Detergent: Use a mild detergent that does not leave any residue on the filling. Avoid strong detergents and fabric softeners, as they can weaken the insulation of the filling. Please note that there are also special detergents for artificial fiber fillings, which can fluff up the material and on the other hand also saturate the fibers during washing. So take a lgood ook at the range of detergents and choose one that is suitable for use with your synthetic fiber-filled product.

Gentle wash: Use a gentle wash program and the recommended temperature. Do not use too much spinning as it can strain the filling. Also check your washing machine to see if it has a special washing program for outdoor equipment. The designed machine program might work well for this purpose as it is.

Rinse well: Make sure that the detergent is rinsed throughout so that all detergent residues are removed from the product properly. If necessary, use extra rinse in the washing program.

Dry carefully: Dry the sleeping bag or garment in an airy place with a tumble dryer or hang it outside. Make sure it is completely dry before storing, as moisture can reduce the insulating properties of the filling.

Avoid extreme heat: Avoid excessive heat, such as direct sunlight or high tumble dryer temperatures, as excessive heat can damage the filling.

Store the product in a dry place: Store the sleeping bag or padded clothing in a dry and airy place where they are not exposed to moisture.
Use an airy and breathable storage bag to protect the product from dust and dirt and on the other hand, also avoid storing the product too tightly. Airy storage keeps the fiber fluffy.

Small fixes
Inspect and repair: Inspect the sleeping bag or garment regularly for possible damage, such as tears or loose stitching. Fix small faults before they escalate into bigger ones.

> These general care instructions will help you keep your synthetic fiber-filled sleeping bags and winter clothes in good condition and preserve their insulating- and warming properties. Also remember to check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, as they may vary depending on the brand and model.

Twenty-ish different trade names with technically advanced artificial fiber fillings, e.g. we sell:

1) PrimaLoft: PrimaLoft is known for its light, soft and well insulating filling. It can retain heat even in humid conditions, which makes it an excellent option for rainy or otherwise humid trips.
2) Thinsulate: Thinsulate filling is very thin and light, but still provides excellent insulation. It provides warmth without being too thick, making it a good choice for warm and light clothing.
3) Climashield: Climashield is another insulating material that retains heat even if it gets wet. It is especially good in humid conditions.
4) Fiberball & Fireball: Haglöfs' own fillings designed to provide thermal insulation and keep you warm even in difficult conditions.
5) Polarguard: Polarguard filling is durable and lightweight and is often used in hiking sleeping bags.
6) SOLofill: SOLofill filling is a light and packable option that offers good thermal insulation.
7) EcoLoft: EcoLoft is an environmentally friendly filling option made from recycled materials. It offers good insulation and is light.
8) ComforTech: ComforTech is a very light and insulating filling specially designed for cold conditions.
9) Sorona: Sorona filling is manufactured by DuPont and offers good insulation and moisture protection properties.
10) QuadFusion: QuadFusion is a filling made by Haglöfs, designed to provide excellent thermal insulation and durability.
11) Alpha: The Alpha filling is made by Polartec and is designed to provide good thermal insulation and breathability.
12) Hyperloft: Hyperloft is a light and warming filling option that is excellent for winter clothes and sleeping bags.
13) Exceloft: Exceloft is an insulating filling that provides good thermal insulation and dries quickly.
14) MicroTherm: MicroTherm is a fill made by Ultraloft that is designed to insulate well in cold conditions.
15) Polarguard Delta: Polarguard Delta is a filling developed by Polarguard that offers good thermal insulation and durability. It is specially designed for hiking sleeping bags and winter clothes.
16) Lite Loft: Lite Loft is a warm and light filling option that offers excellent thermal insulation.
17) Sustans: Sustans is a filler developed by DuPont that is environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials. It offers good insulation.
18) Isodry: Isodry is Haglöfs' own filling option, which is designed to offer good insulation and moisture protection properties.
19) Recron: Recron filling is manufactured by Reliance Industries and offers good insulation and durability.
20) LiteXpress: LiteXpress is a light and efficient filling that is well suited for sleeping bags and winter clothes.
21) Thermoloft: Thermoloft is an insulating filling that offers good heat insulation and moisture protection properties.
22) Polarloft: Polarloft is a fill option from the Rab brand, designed to provide good insulation in cold conditions.

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