Snowsurfing basics

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Surfing on snow

Snow surfing is perhaps the best thing you can do outdoors here at the moment. Snow surfing differs from traditional snowboarding is that the board is not attached to the rider with bindings, and thus no special snowboarding boots are needed to do the sport.

The rider stands sturdly on the deck helped by a good gripped surface and the board is attached to a rider with a leash to prevent the board from escaping far downhill if (when) grubbing to the soft embrace of powder snow.

We are pleased to offer Finnish design and craftmanship in our selection in the form of Nadasurf Powderboards.

Carpenter / designer / snowboarder Kosti Simula has developed Nadasurf boards for surfing and challenging powder riding, taking into account of Finland's relatively small hills. The THING is that you can enjoy the snow to the fullest as you go downhill: the boards work to their full potential even with the modest altitude differences.

The idea is not to gain redicilously wild speed or impossibly long rides, but a good feel and complete enjoyment of powder snow - of course for you talented daredevils this is possible also pulling off with complex tricks.

We offer three exquisite models from Nadasurf:

Designed and manufactured in Finland, the solid birchwood powder board is slightly narrower than other Nadasurf Powderboard models, so it is well suited for more playful rides.

Maximum control is created by a concave design and a "gullwing" profile combined with a Nadasurf Powdersurf grip.


This board is designed for big and awesome rides. The design is based on Nadasurf's Fish -model, model but with widened nose for more float. The extremely cool graphics of the board is the work of a talented graphic artist, Henri Wäyrynen.

Thanks to the strong combination of wood and p-tex material, the board is light and thin, yet durable.

The Fish -model is at its best in deep snow and big turns:

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