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Savotta ALC Pro 16"

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We have improved our previous version and created a proper laptop protector for strenuous use. The name includes “Pro” because the product has been made to MIL-SPEC. This means that ALC PRO 16″ (Army Laptop Cover Pro 16″) is made with the same materials and professional skill as the equipment used by the Finnish Defence Forces. Here it is finally – a field-grade laptop/tablet case that can take a little more damage.

ALC Pro is ideal for hard-core users who value their equipment and want to protect it even when the going gets tough – in great style, of course. The protective structure is made of solid foam padding and ethylene plastic plates on both sides. The protective plates are inside pockets fitted inside the case and can be replaced with steel plates if needed, for example if there is a risk of flying bullets.

The interior of the laptop case is made of 150D Polyester, which is gentle to your device and does not scratch the screen. The zipper is unnecessarily sturdy, and the two handles above it are wide enough (32 cm) that you can get a good grip even when wearing Arctic mittens. The handles are attached to the 1000D Cordura fabric with MOLLE fasteners whose tensile strength is 100 kg. Steel O-rings for the optional shoulder strap are available on the ALC Pro website. The front side has a grid of MOLLE fasteners (10×4) for additional pockets and a touch fastening strip (2.5 cm x 14 cm) for a name patch or tag.

We equipped the reverse side of ALC Pro with a slim-fit pocket for USB sticks and other small items – and it is not made of mesh but rather 1000D Cordura.
  • Dimensions: 16″ (43 cm x 31.5 cm)
  • Interior: 40.5 x 29.5 x 2 cm
  • Materials: 1000D Cordura PUR surface, Interior 105D Polyester, Nylon straps.
  • Zippers: 8 mm spiral element, two sliders
  • Protective shell: 1.7 mm Ethylene plastic plate/6 mm solid foam
  • PALS grid: Front side: Width 10, height 4
  • Fastening points: 2 pcs 20 mm O-ring, steel

The approximated packaged size or the size of the product's package is 430 x 315 x 35 mm.

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