Savotta 906

Savotta 906
Savotta 906Savotta 906Savotta 906Savotta 906Savotta 906Savotta 906
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A trusted companion for outdoorsmen and –women, something you can always rely on. This frame rucksack endures everything you endure. The thousands of tales told about this rucksack since 1980 are evidence of its durability. The pockets will hold everything you need. The ergonomically shaped padded harness and hip-belt are good for your comfort. The ergonomically shaped padding in the waistecoat and hip-belt provide you with comfort. In 2009, Kauppalehti OPTIO voted the 906 as best of its kind.

Technical facts:
Weight: ca. 3 kg
Capacity: ca. 85 l
Material: PUR polyester
Frame: DUR aluminium
Colour: olive green

Features a double compartment with a security pocket inside for valuables. 7 outer pockets with capacious tube pockets on the sides.

The approximated packaged size or the size of the product's package is 500 x 900 x 250 mm.

We recommend Jos olet hankkimassa huippuluokan putkirunkoista rinkkaa, suosittelemme varauksetta 906:sta.

3 kg (with sales package 3.90 kg)

85 liters

Country of origin

12 kk

Polyuretan-coated polyamid

Nickname Go Savotta 906 wrote 10.03.2016 :
Superior military type backpack that will serve you the rest of your life well. Strong fabric with dark green color, nothing like those modern days bright colors that just doesn't fit you into nature. After fixing the 906's adjustment correct fro my frame this is very pleasant to carry even with super heavy loads 30kg-40kg. Goes for winter use with piles of snow.

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