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Dokken's Neoprene Dog Vest, 3mm, XXL

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Ideal protection against hypothermia and from mechanical injuries.

Dokken's neoprene vest for dogs is an irreplaceable helper in bad weather, prevents heat loss and protects your dog from mechanical injuries - thorns, etc. Also during the hunting it is big advantage to help the dog better handle waiting time in the cold. Vest is well-known for its high level of comfort.
Easy to use - zip with velcro flap.

Material: 3 mm neoprene
Available in 5 sizes:

Size: neck circumference / chest circumference / abdominal circumference

S: 43 cm / 68 cm / 61 cm
M: 48 cm / 68 cm / 68 cm
L: 53 cm / 76 cm / 69 cm
XL: 55 cm / 81 cm / 71 cm
XXL: 63 cm / 86 cm / 77 cm

The approximated packaged size or the size of the product's package is 450 x 300 x 30 mm.

Vest type
Neoprene Vest

0.196 kg (Includes the weight of the package if present)

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