Beal Mirage+Recco

Beal Mirage+Recco

Beal Mirage+Recco
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Beal Mirage+Recco Red/Grey

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Adjustable mountaineering harness.

Web-Core technology provides exceptional levels of comfort thanks to optimal pressure distribution on hips and thighs. The ultra-light Dynamic-Fit system (Black Diamond licence) allows for easy leg loop adjustments. Two loops for attaching ice screw holders in addition to four large gear loops underline its suitability for mountaineering as well as a multitude of other activities..



• Comfortable and compact thanks to the Web-Core concept.

• 2 loops for attaching ice screw holders.

• 2 sizes.

• 4 'Kar-Aside' gear loops.

Information about Recco: 

RECCO is a rescue system for the search of avalanche victims. It is widely known and used in over 700 ski-resorts throughout the world. It is simple technology that requires no maintenance, battery or switch. It has an infinite lifetime and its performance does not degrade over the time. The RECCO® system is based on a radar technology: A transmitter device sends out a signal, which is sent back by your RECCO reflector to allow you to be located accurately. In addition to its use for avalanche rescue, RECCO is an efficient passive SOS beacon for any outdoor activity if you get lost in a storm, in a deep forest, fall in a crevasse, or become disorientated in rugged terrain. Both ground and air rescue teams will be able to locate you accurately.  

Why does Beal use RECCO on harnesses? 

While skiing on mountains, alpine climbing, ski-mountaineering, you will always be wearing your harness. Your RECCO-featured jacket might be in your backpack which in turn may get ripped off your shoulders by an avalanche or fall. Using a harness with a RECCO reflector in the mountains increases your chances of being found. 

The approximated packaged size or the size of the product's package is 200 x 200 x 100 mm.

0.45 kg (includes the weight of the package if present)

36 kk

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