NIGOR® was launched in 2014, bringing together a team with many years of experience in the design and production of outdoor gear. Adopting an approach of no compromise when creating products, NIGOR® set out to combine the most advanced materials and components with cutting edge workmanship, to deliver industry leading products. Using innovative Gorlyn light and durable fabrics, and light and strong DAC tent poles, NIGOR® helps people to reach the most remote places with tents and packs that they can completely rely on.

Lightweight but Strong

We want to create lightweight products, without compromising quality and usability. We have chosen the very best materials, fabrics and poles we could find. Our long experience in producing outdoor brands gives us the opportunity to manufacture our products using the best workmanship available.

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Nigor WickiUp 4 Set With Full Size Room
Nigor WickiUp 4 Set With Full Size Room
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