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Strike Pro

Since 1973 Strike Pro has continually evolved by paying particular attention to their five main criteria - Professionalism, Creativity, Responsibility, Sincerity, and above all - a PASSION for fishing.In over 40 years, through our active involvement with our agents, Strike Pro has continuously improved and developed “THE BEST” lures and fishing relate products to meet ever change market, and be consistent with high quality standards. This has shaped the Strike Pro into a truly professional manufacturer of distinctive lures.Mutual trust with all our agents is paramount; Strike Pro is now distributing to more than 60 countries around the world. Agents are making their best effort to promote and devote themselves to the brand of “Strike Pro “. Therefore, it is our accountability to guarantee quality products and best service to Consumers.

Strike Pro Astro Vibe UV 6.5cm / 26g
Strike Pro Astro Vibe UV 6.5cm / 26g (2)
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Strike Pro Pig Shad 23cm / 90g
» Strike Pro Pig Shad 23cm / 90g (3)
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