Mikael Frödin started his first little fly tying company back in the 70’s. The name was International Fly Tying, pretty cool he thought being a cocky young kid bragging about selling flies outside of Sweden. He did pretty good but after a while he understood that people knew of him and not the name of the company – then in the late 70’s Frödinflies was born. During many years he tied thousands of flies, did a bit of writing and guiding and barely managed to live on that. He was “lucky” to catch quite a few good fish and the fly fishing industry found him and wanted to make all kinds of deals. Mikael says he is a bit proud of not being one of those who followed the money changing companies as often as changing fly. He had a few long and healthy

After becoming more well-known people begun to listen to his ideas even more and it became a part of the contracts that the companies had the first refusal on his ideas. Slowly a few of Mikael’s ideas turned into new products. This at the same time as the companies he worked with sold his already existing products, at that stage first his clear FITS Tubing. ’94 Mikael became a father for the first time and in ‘97 his second son was born. He carried both Gustaf and Jakob along salmon rivers from their first summer. It was a bit hectic. But looking back these were fantastic years for Mikael with diapers, screaming kids and screaming reels. Back then the fishing was a bit better than nowadays. 2004 he presented the coloured FITS Tube System, it was world news with tubing in many colours. The year after the first turbo cone saw the light and from that day tube flies changed for good. By then he had developed a bigger range of products and the little royalty from the company handling the sales grew quite a bit. A few more products came out, the SALAR range of hooks, the yellow SALAR fly boxes, the foam spools and the first commercially tied flies designed by Mikael.

A Family Business
Both Mikael’s boys joined him on fishing trips from their first day and their mum Helena was at this stage a pretty good salmon angler with several 20 lbs on her conscience. Mikael says he has so many great memories from when his kids started fishing. A few time he’s said that it’s a father’s responsibility to teach his kids what’s important in life – like catching Atlantic salmon on the fly.

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