Eibar is a city with industrial roots which enjoys a long gunsmithing tradition, which dates back to the 15th century, which has given it the nickname of the "Gunsmith City" of Spain.

This specialization on our region and the hardworking spirit and talent to produce an artisan product, were the reasons that, back in 1932 year, prompted five of the best master gunsmiths of the area to start working together and develop unique pieces made by hand. That was the beginning of an emblematic heraldry, but also the beginning of a prestigious brand,Grulla Armas, specializing in the manufacture of shotguns and rifles, aristocratic guns which represent the purest spirit of the traditional hunt, whose name has crossed borders.

This gunsmith lineage has never lost its purpose and, two generations later, Grulla Armas continues manufacturing the fine shotguns with such delicacy and quality that every part becomes unique. 
The method remains the same: craftsmanship, care and passion joined with more than 80 years of experience.

If something makes difference on the way of working in  Eibar, were its workshops. Many of them were located into houses, which made easy the socialization of the professions among the inhabitants.

This way of working, so artisanal and close, made to emerge collaborations between different workshops to create greatvalue and quality hunting rifles.

Today, we struggle to keep alive this philosophy, and we continue working in the traditional way, with the same tools as always and with the best experts in each section to work by hand, and step by step, the necessary parts that compose a handmade shotgun.

For centuries, the artisan gunsmith, has been the quintessence of the Eibar citizen. They were the creators of a profession that was invented, perfected and implemented from generation to generation.

Each craftsman belonged to a particular specialty: some worked the wood, others the steel, others the engravings, anothers fitted the parts. . . 
The workers learned from their fathers or grandfathers following the same methodology and using the same tools, but they always knew something new that improved the technique and made them more expert.

In this way, we have reached to our days, and while these professions are being losing , we have great artisans who continue to refine every day. 
In our workshop we have stock makers, fillers, engravers and gunsmiths who work to the detail each piece that composes aGrulla gun. 
By the years, this team has managed to be recognized internationally to Grulla Armas as a luxury gun maker because thequality and exclusivity of its guns.

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